Together for sustainable supply chain performance

Together for sustainable supply chain performance

As a supplier to major international chemical companies endorsing sustainable supply chains, RPC Superfos takes part in their joint initiative Together for Sustainability. One of the most recent results is that RPC Group Plc has been granted a Silver Recognition Level in the 2017 CSR Rating.

A growing number of chemical companies world-wide have joined forces for the purpose of assessing, auditing and improving the sustainability performance of their suppliers. This initiative is called Together for Sustainability (TfS) and among the current 19 members are companies such as AkzoNobel, Henkel and DuPont.

Under the scope of TfS, suppliers are both audited on-site and assessed online. The chemical companies then share results of the sustainability performance with a view to improving efficiency for all involved.

Silver Recognition Level
Being a supplier of strong, sturdy and safe packaging solutions to the chemical industry, RPC Superfos and the RPC Group have more than willingly agreed to participate in TfS online assessment, as well as on-site audits.

Now, RPC Group has been granted a Corporate Social Responsibility rating of Silver Recognition Level. This is the result of an online assessment of the Sustainability Profile of RPC Group with the theme scores Environment, Labour Practices, Fair Business Practices and Sustainable Procurement.

Mark Seddon, Key Accounts Director, Surface Coatings, RPC Superfos UK Region, says:

“Sustainability is a high priority within the RPC Group including RPC Superfos. Our sustainability performance is an ongoing process without a final goal – improvement is possible at all times. Now, we are, however, pleased to see that the RPC Group score has increased and currently merits a Silver Recognition.”

Audits in Poland and the UK
Further, the RPC Superfos facilities in Lubien, Poland, and at Oakham, United Kingdom, participated in TfS on-site audits in 2015 and 2016 respectively. As these TfS audits resulted in only minor findings, the audit attestations are valid for three years.

Knowledge is the basis of improved performance
The standard approach to sustainability performance established by TfS paves the way for synergy so that resources can be used more efficiently and with a minimum of administrative effort, among the member companies and their suppliers. Petra Lehmann, European Supplier Development and Sustainability Manager at AkzoNobel Sourcing, is pleased with the increased sustainability awareness in general and, in particular, with the achievements of TfS.

“We always appreciate it when our suppliers are engaged with the TfS programme and sincerely commit themselves to Corporate Social Responsibility by participating in assessments and audits. The recent events are a brilliant opportunity to thank RPC Group and RPC Superfos for being part of our journey towards more sustainable chemical supply chains,” Petra Lehmann says.

Tfs was launched in 2011 and the number of member companies has more than tripled since then. One of the key benefits of TfS is sharing knowledge and a keen attitude towards sustainability performance which allows for mutually beneficial improvements. RPC Superfos is a dedicated advocate of sustainability practices and enthusiastic about this collaborative approach – encouraging sustainability works well for everyone.

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