This is how you can improve your packaging design

This is how you can improve your packaging design

The design of your plastic packaging is vitally important for its recyclability. Why not use the self-assessment platform RecyClass to explore the level of recyclability of your pack? Superfos is at your disposal for any assistance and advice you may need.

End-of-life management is increasingly important in several trades. Possibly, your distributors, retailers or business partners have already asked you for a plastic packaging recyclability assessment. And you may have even asked yourself where to get hold of one?
This is why Superfos now encourages you to use the online tool RecyClass, open to all. It is a user-friendly self-assessment online platform which is reviewed and maintained by recycling experts as an ongoing activity.  

Qualitative rating from A to F
Essentially, you reply to a set of questions about your plastic packaging and, in return, you receive a qualitative rating from A to F as well as a report. Examples of the self-assessment questions are: What material are the closures made of? Is more than 95% of the total weight of the package made of one polymer? Ultimately, using the RecyClass tool may spark a change in your plastic packaging design.

Uwe Zinnert, Business Development Manager, Superfos Region Central, explains:

“RecyClass is a noteworthy and thorough cross-industry initiative to advance plastic packaging recyclability within Europe. In the end, it is about fostering higher quality recycling through packaging design – so that, right from the start, packs are made to suit available recycling technologies. It has our support.”

Mono-material is a plus
Berry Global Inc. is a committed member of RecyClass, and Superfos, a company of Berry Global, offers you several packaging solutions which give a positive rating. This is because they are mono-material, contain post-consumer recycled plastic or are made with a non-carbon black master batch.

The RecyClass platform is available in German, Italian, Spanish, French and English. If you need any assistance with the RecyClass tool, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual Superfos contact. We will be happy to help, including any design changes to improve your plastic packaging in terms of high recyclability.

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Business Development Manager
Berry Superfos
Phone: +49 172 7282 935

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