SuperLock® and EasySnacking™ win awards in China

SuperLock® and EasySnacking™ win awards in China

Both the SuperLock® and EasySnacking™ packaging from RPC Superfos were recently honoured with new Marking Tech Awards 2017 presented in Shanghai, China.

Commissioned by the Food & Beverage Innovation Forum, a new global packaging design competition launched under the name Marking Awards has now had its debut in Shanghai, China.

New competition
The SuperLock® and EasySnacking™ solutions ‒ developed and produced by RPC Superfos ‒ have been part of this exciting event from the very beginning. Now both have made it all the way to the highest possible mark in one of the seven different award settings. Each solution is honoured in recognition of some highly functional qualities.

RPC Ace, a Chinese sister division of RPC Superfos, submitted the packaging solutions to the design competition. Albert Lau, Vice President, Business Development, Ace Corporation Holdings, is clearly proud of the result:

“Facing fierce competition and a high number of outstanding packaging solutions all trying to win a Marking Award, we have good reason to be proud. The prizes are a wonderful recognition of our solutions.”

Recognised for functional qualities
The SuperLock® pot gives convenience food at large a very long shelf life thanks to its extraordinary oxygen barrier. Further, the packaging stands out by virtue of its practical twist-off screw-on lid which makes a reassuring click sound, when closed correctly.

The EasySnacking™ solution is particularly suited for meals on-the-go. The handy sleek pot comes with an integral spoon, neatly separated from the edible content under a tear-off label in the lid.

An important seal of approval
Sherry Wang, Account Manager (Asia Pacific) at RPC Ace, underlines that receiving the Marking Tech Awards 2017 is very exciting:

“These awards are part of a new ambitious programme to promote creative packaging design. It is a great pleasure that our entries have been singled out here. Certainly, this new seal of approval shows customers notably on the Asian market that our packaging adds value to food products.”

No less than 230 submissions participated in the first round of Marking Awards 2017. The highly competent jury shortlisted 40 entries as finalists. Of these, 24 received an award in of one of the seven categories.

The Marking Awards were officially presented to the winners at a special ceremony within the Food & Beverage Innovation Forum, Shanghai, April 2017. Besides the Marking Tech Awards, SuperLock® and EasySnacking™ already hold other international awards including a Food Product Innovation Award, a WorldStar and an IF Packaging Design Award.

Want to know more?

Albert Lau
Vice President
Business Development
Ace Corporation, China
Phone: +86 134 17528841

Want to know more?

Sherry Wang
Account Manager
Asia Pacific
Ace Corporation, China
Phone: +86 136 41953521

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