“We like the attention we get from our new pot”

“We like the attention we get from our new pot”

A delicious dessert cream series from Michel et Augustin is now on shelf in France. Packed in a SuperLock® pot with eye-catching artwork decoration, it simply stands out from the rest and already looks very much like a success.

Hardly anyone can refuse a tasty, creamy  dessert offering the classical flavour of either vanilla or chocolate. Now, the increasingly popular dessert producer Michel et Augustin, France, has launched its version of these little treats and added a personal twist to the dessert. It is based on locally produced milk and cream. A pinch of salt and fragrant Madagascar vanilla or cocoa gives the dessert cream “Coeur de Crème”, heart of cream, an extra tasty note. 

Michel et Augustin is known in France for quality and gourmet products, but the packaging definitely counts as well, says Vincent Abbo, Product Development Manager:

“After having considered several options, we decided to go with the SuperLock® pot for our dessert cream Coeur de Crème. We like this pot because it has a twist-off lid which sets it apart from the usual pots for dessert cream. SuperLock® is very visible on shelf and is a top-quality pot with great stability on shelf. The artwork decoration includes an attractive drawing of the spoon. We have already received positive comments on social media, where people let us know that they love the cream in the classy pot. And we like the attention we get from our new pot.”

An outstanding size
The spoon sends a signal of sharing your dessert with others. As the size is 400g, the volume alone is a factor which sets Coeur de Crème apart from the majority of the existing dessert pots in supermarket cold counters. Sharing 400g makes sense; likewise, it is reasonable to spread out the pleasurable eating experience over several days, storing the rest in the pot, safeguarded by the practical twist-off lid.
The SuperLock® pot is an award-winning packaging solution, developed by Superfos, a Berry Global company. SuperLock® is made with 100% polypropylene which is a recyclable material.

Pink on top
In addition to the differentiating twist-off lid, Michel et Augustin has chosen the colour pink for the upper two thirds of the pot – and for the lid. The bottom part is either vanilla white or chocolate brown, while the pink makes the packaging extremely eye-catching.

“When you open the pot, you see the beautiful combination of pink with the natural colour of the cream inside. We are very satisfied with the way Superfos helped us to achieve this particular nuance of pink, and generally with our collaboration. We enjoy the fact that our contact people are very good interlocutors. They listen to our needs and return to us with tangible and convincing packaging solutions,” Vincent Abbo adds.

The launch has been a success, and there are good reasons to be optimistic about the coming sales results, predicts Vincent Abbo. Understandably, Coeur de Crème is a series close to his heart.

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