Strong sales performance in vibrant tub from Superfos

Strong sales performance in vibrant tub from Superfos

In a fresh and eye-catching seasonal SuperLift® pail, the UK company Tangerine Confectionery successfully re-launches the Barratt seasonal range – the UK’s favourite sweets. The pail is from Superfos and has a very strong shelf standout, leading to additional distribution in the market.

Size, quality and finish - these are the three most important features in the eyes of the UK company Tangerine Confectionery when it comes to describing the key advantages of their seasonal pack, the SuperLift® pail from Superfos. In vivid colours and with a strong shelf standout, Tangerine Confectionery introduces the Barratt 750g tub and a 630g tub with a variety of popular Barratt Retros confectionery, both being sold successfully in the UK and in Australia.

Previously, Tangerine Confectionery has used other types of packaging for seasonal promotions, however the SuperLift® tub from Superfos is a new move and the re-launch has been met with rave reviews. The tubs, made of recyclable PP (polypropylene), have received fantastic in-store backing with feature space and promotional support.

A premium product leading to great sales
According to Russell Tanner, Marketing Manager and Category Management Director at Tangerine Confectionery, consumers love the sweets and the quality of the new tub:

“The great finish of the tub helps to display the vibrant fun side of our brand. We have seen a really strong sales performance. Last year’s sales have been clearly positive and, with a move to the Superfos tub, we have gained additional distribution in the market.”

“The SuperLift® solution is a great match to our brand; a premium product.  It has a very strong standout on shelf and makes a perfect gift of sweets to yourself or someone else. This was something we wanted to push with the new tub, and we have been absolutely successful with it.”

Efficient artwork design
The decoration is made with In-Mould Labelling allowing for plenty of creativity and to design a visually standout tub, Tangerine Confectionery benefitted from the support of Superfos. For the main artwork design sign-off, Tangerine arranged a joint session involving their design agency and RPC Superfos; this turned out to be a very efficient and successful process.

“The joint session ensured that we could make amendments and sign off on the day. This process has worked well and we have started rolling this out across our other project areas in the business,” Russell Tanner says.  

Tamper-proof pack stops consumer complaints
An additional plus to the Superfos solution is the tamper evidence feature of the SuperLift® tub. He explains:
“Previously, with other seasonal packaging options, we have seen a few problems with tamper evidence. Now, with the solution from Superfos, there are no more consumer complaints in this area.”

Going for more success
All in all, Tangerine Confectionery is a happy customer and based on this positive experience, the partnership with Superfos continues.

“We are very satisfied with the entire process and our collaboration with Superfos. Their team is great at helping out with any packaging queries we have. As a result, we have chosen to work with RPC Superfos again for the upcoming seasonal tub,” Russell Tanner concludes.  

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