Olives in Italy now sold in a LongLife™ pack

Olives in Italy now sold in a LongLife™ pack

Benefits for the production line and an attractive look of a new packaging solution for olives are two key results of a cooperative venture between RPC Superfos and Madama Oliva, a leader in processed and packaged olives.

One of the most widely enjoyed foods in the world is olives and they come in a wealth of varieties. In Italy, Madama Oliva is a well-known brand, and now their extensive and delicious range is available in all major supermarkets. Their new pack is a LongLife™ solution from RPC Superfos.

“We value attractive packaging which matches the high quality of our olives made following traditional Italian recipes,” says Marketing Manager Manuela Tilli from Madama Oliva. She adds:  

“Food safety, an attractive look and long shelf life with In-Mould Labelling were among our core requirements for the new pack, so we got in touch with RPC Superfos to come up with a new solution. We already knew the high quality of some of the RPC Superfos packaging solutions through a local distributor.”

Smooth transition
For their many varieties, Madama Oliva applies 17 different artwork designs. Standing side by side on the supermarket shelf, they make up a beautiful display in striking colours and a razor-sharp print with In-Mould Labelling. The pot is treated in autoclave.
As to its shape, the new LongLife™ pack is very similar to the former one, so the transition to applying the new pack on the production line at Madama Oliva has been very smooth.

Manuela Tilli enthuses:
“The new pack works well in our production and we are convinced that we have found the right solution together with RPC Superfos. It has been a positive experience to cooperate with this packaging supplier.”

Ready in time for important food trade fair
The new collaboration was successfully put to the test when certain time pressures showed up last spring. Madama Oliva planned to showcase the olives in samples of the new packaging at the Cibus trade fair and time was short. From artwork approval to finished samples, it took less than a month for RPC Superfos to get five varieties of the LongLife™ pack ready in perfect time to showcase Madama Oliva at the Cibus trade fair.

Manuela Tilli appreciates the way things turned out:

“It is crucial for us to be visible at the Cibus trade fair and we wanted to show potential customers our tasty olives in the new beautiful packaging from RPC Superfos. We were successful and achieved increased brand visibility and got in touch with potential customers from all over the world. Today, we get the impression that both our customers and distributors appreciate the new packaging solution – just like we do.”

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