New pails from Superfos renew the look of Carioca

New pails from Superfos renew the look of Carioca

Carioca® felt-tip pens are now sold in UniPak pails from Superfos. The shape and the look of the pails perfectly match Carioca’s needs. In addition, the UniPak packaging solution is recyclable.

Specialising in the production of colouring tools, the Italian company Carioca SpA is behind several popular ranges of felt-tip pens, crayons and other tools for colouring, writing and drawing. Carioca® products are used by creative kids and adults all over the world and are sold in more than 60 countries, including Israel.

From round to square in Israel
As in any field of business, competition is fierce, and in Israel, Carioca saw an opportunity to step up their offering by changing the shape of the packaging for 48 Jumbo felt-tip pens from round to square.

Marketing Director at Carioca SpA, Dr Giorgio Bertolo, explains:

“The Israeli Market was new for Carioca and our local competitor uses a round pail for a similar product, so to be more attractive, we decided to try out the square shape. When we found out that Superfos offers a ready-to-use square packaging solution, perfectly matching our needs, we jumped at the offer without hesitation.”

“We are pleased with the UniPak pail. It appears to be the best solution on the market in terms of price and quality. The feedback we have received from retail and end-users is positive and step by step, we are improving our sales.”  

The dimensions of the square UniPak pail used by Carioca without a lid are 129x129 mm (a clear foil wrapped around the pail keeps the felt-tip pens in place). The colourful decorations on the pail are made with In-Mould Labelling, rendering a razor-sharp and scratch resistant graphic image.

Round rigid plastic pail for Italy
For use in Italy, Carioca decided to replace an existing round thermoformed solution with a round injection moulded one from Superfos: a UniPak pail with a lid and a red handle. This one is also from the standard range.

“The round UniPak pail which we now use on the domestic market meets our needs as it has the perfect height and diameter and can contain exactly 100 felt-tip pens. All in all, both new solutions for the Italian and the Israeli markets respectively represent a refreshing renewal of the look of our packaging and we are satisfied with the result,” Dr Giorgio Bertolo says.

Mono-material means it’s recyclable
The UniPak pails from Superfos brings an essential advantage: the pail is mono-material. This is important because a pail made from nothing but PP (polypropylene) is 100% recyclable, which is a key benefit for the development of a circular economy.

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