Fresh wedge-shaped pack rejuvenates mature cheese

Fresh wedge-shaped pack rejuvenates mature cheese

In Sweden, the leading manufacturer of mature cheese, Skånemejerier, considers the craving for convenience one of the most significant current trends among consumers. As such, they are now launching a new handy bespoke pack for cheese, produced by RPC Superfos.

There is no need for a serving plate and hardly any finger contact, when consumers opt for the high-end Allerum mature cheese from the Swedish dairy company Skånemejerier. The cheese is now on shelf all over Sweden in a new wedge-shaped pack from RPC Superfos. This highly functional and practical packaging solution with an oxygen barrier label is bespoke and developed in close cooperation with Skånemejerier to accommodate the growing need for convenience.

A striking new solution
Jannica Andersson, Brand Manager Allerum & Cheese, at Skånemejerier, explains:

“Convenience is a significant trend and, generally speaking, cheese packaging has not really changed since the 1950s. We wanted to step up and offer consumers a striking new solution for our Allerum series of mature cheese. With the bespoke pack from RPC Superfos, we are now rejuvenating the image of cheese packaging and have a container that makes our cheese stand out from the crowd.”

Tried and tested by consumers
In the packaging development phase, Skånemejerier did a number of qualitative and quantitative tests among consumers and, for each round, reactions and comments gave rise to new adjustments and improved technical drawings. Consumers who tried the final version at home for a week gave very positive feedback and production of the packaging could begin.

“We approached a few packaging suppliers to get the project started and worked with several of them during the sketching and testing phase. At the end of the day, we opted for RPC Superfos, as this provider of packaging solutions could meet all our requirements. Their team has been creative, attentive and flexible in respect of any changes in the packaging development process,” she says.

Saves the plastic bag
The final result is a wedge-shaped pack with an inner plastic sealing and an oxygen barrier label. Part of the upper section is translucent whereby the tempting yellow colour of the cheese is visible and, in fact, part of the artwork design. When your taste buds say ‘cheese’, all you need to do is remove the base and the plastic sealing, put the base back on, turn container upside down, remove top cover – and the cheese is ready to serve on its triangular plate base. To re-seal and store, replace the top cover.

“Our new packaging from RPC Superfos means that re-packing the cheese into a plastic bag after first use for cool storage becomes superfluous. The cheese stays aromatic and is well-protected in the pack after opening. Additionally, you reduce the number of plates that go into your dishwasher as the lid works as a serving plate,” Jannica Andersson points out.

With sustainability in mind
The bespoke packaging is fully recyclable which is an important aspect to Skånemejerier. Recently, the dairy company has achieved a 90 % reduction of their climate impact thanks to changing the source of energy from fossil fuel to district heating. This important piece of sustainability information is clearly displayed on the base thanks to In-Mould Labelling.

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