EasySnacking™ is for eating on the-go

EasySnacking™ is for eating on the-go

  • Liquid tight
  • Re-closure
  • Re-use
  • Microwave safe
  • Freezing
  • Safe environmental disposal (PP)
  • Hot filling

EasySnacking™ is an innovative and stylish packaging solution that includes a convenient spoon in the lid. It is perfect for a range of easy meals on-the-go.

Breakfast on the way to work; an energizing snack in the afternoon; a sweet treat before the next meeting: Eating-on-the-go is a growing trend and our EasySnacking™ pack is an ideal packaging solution for a multitude of these quick and easy meals – on the road and at home.

Super spoon – easy to grab
From dairy to noodle dishes, over fruit stews to soups, the pot is perfect not least because of the spoon which is placed under a self-adhesive label in the lid. The spoon is easy to get hold of and a delight to hold. You can use it right away as it is made in one piece so there is no need for assembling.

Looks enticing
The award-winning pack is innovative, elegant and handy. The square EasySnacking™ pot features attractive smooth lines and gives a soft impression. Its well-balanced design combines the best from the round and the square alternative. On shelf, the pack looks enticing to end-users: With in-mould labelling the brand identity is maximised, as colours, pictures, decorations and trademarks are rendered in premium image quality.

The lid design is available in two versions: a low-rise lid includes the spoon and a high-rise lid includes the spoon and a compartment for any kind of topping – crunchy or liquid. There are two volumes to choose from.

Key benefits

  • Includes a beautiful spoon in one piece
  • The spoon is in the lid and easy to get hold of
  • High lid for both topping and spoon is available
  • Soft and sleek look through smooth lines
  • Perfect for snack meals on-the-go
  • Handy and re-closable
  • Optimised for stacking
  • Premium image quality with in-mould labelling

EasySnacking in verschiedenen Ausführungen

Shape Square
Volume range 210 ml - 300 ml
Add-ons Convenient spoon in one piece in the lid
Topping lid 80 ml room for topping & crunch
Spoon-in-membrane lid Yes
Tamper Evidence Membrane seal
Decoration IML on the pot & self adhesive label on the lid (SAL)
Recloseable Yes

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