New safety record: 2,000 days at RPC Superfos Lubień

New safety record: 2,000 days at RPC Superfos Lubień

For more than 2,000 days, the RPC Superfos Lubień facility, has been operating without a reportable lost time accident. We are pleased to tell you about this new safety record which nicely coincides with the RPC Group Safety Week 2018.

Not a single lost time accident for 2,000 days and still counting; this is in brief the fantastic news from the RPC Superfos Lubień facility, Poland. Though there will never be a final goal when it comes to safety, the very long uninterrupted period of production at Lubień does indeed deserve some positive attention. When our employees are safe, it means that they are thriving and, on that basis, you – our customer – can count on us as a reliable plastic packaging supplier, delivering high quality products according to plan.

Looking beyond 2,000 days
Tomasz Przygodzki, Managing Director of RPC Superfos Lubień, says:

“A serious and dedicated team effort goes behind our fabulous safety achievement and a big thanks go to all for paying attention to H&S every single day. In recent years, we have worked hard and been very focused on improving Health & Safety, taking each condition one by one. Now, as we have reached the marvellous 2,000 days milestone, we are proud, but will stay vigilant, because H&S clearly is a never-ending team journey.”

“Near misses and small incidents are raised by employees to the H&S Department thanks to our ‘near miss reporting system’, which is the way to move forward and keep up the good work. We care deeply about this important aspect of our business.”

RPC Safety Week in October
The RPC Superfos Lubień facility manufactures packaging for food and non-food products and holds the following certifications: ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management), BRC (Hygiene and Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).

From 14 to 21 October 2018, all companies of the RPC Group pay extra special attention to Health & Safety under the slogan ‘Protecting you, me and the environment’. This is when we mark the yearly RPC Safety Week involving more than 25,000 employees worldwide. RPC Superfos Lubień is an example for others to follow!

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