Meet us for fresh ideas at FIP Solution Plastique

Meet us for fresh ideas at FIP Solution Plastique

RPC Superfos will be present at the plastics industries’ exhibition in France, FIP Solution Plastique in June and cordially invites you to join in. If topics such as sustainability, flawless decoration options and shock-resistance are relevant to your business, then you should not miss our Stand L2.

FIP Solution Plastique takes place from 13 to 16 June 2017 at Lyon Eurexpo with the spotlight on innovation and vision for the future. It will be a great pleasure to meet you at the RPC Superfos Stand L2 where you can delve deeper into key packaging areas that particularly matter to your business.

Environmentally friendly
Laurent Morel, Sales Director, RPC Superfos Region French, emphasises the importance of sustainable solutions:

“Firstly, our packaging is easy to recycle and, on an ongoing basis, we strive to protect the environment and to optimise the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) and post-industrial regrind (PIR) materials. Our non-food customers can enjoy various packaging solutions containing a high share of PCR or PIR material.”

RPC Superfos offers you robust user-friendly and shock resistant containers for paint and sturdy UN-approved containers for chemicals which guarantee safe processing and transport. Our packaging solutions are beneficial to you, your customers and the environment.

Sustainable aspects for food packaging
Targeted at the food industry, RPC Superfos has developed thin wall plastic products, which are lightweight, yet remarkably strong. With lower weight pots, transportation is more efficient and therefore environmentally friendly.

As a competitive food producer, you can rest assured that the RPC Superfos range has essential benefits for your business. Naturally our products are high quality, 100% liquid tight, stack well, are easy to open and re-close and are suitable for autoclave, pasteurisation and freezing.

“Pristine hygiene, food safety and quality are at the core of our policies. We apply internationally accepted testing methods and comply with all applicable EU legislation about food packaging products,” says Laurent Morel.

Visit our stand to learn more about how our food packaging solutions can play a role in meeting your sustainability goals. In short, our containers are ideal for multiple domestic re-use, being dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. In addition, pots with oxygen barrier protection keep convenience food fresh for longer, which contributes to less food waste.

Different ways to make your product stand out
With RPC Superfos, you have an inspiring variety of decoration options, spanning a number of technologies and processes: off-set, In-Mould Labelling (IML), digital printing, or IML with oxygen barrier protection. If you want to develop your own unique packaging, shape included, work with us and benefit from our expertise in innovation, design and tool-making.

“Original packaging is a powerful means to grab your customers’ attention, especially when you want to mark an anniversary, promote a new product or stand out on the retail shelves at a particular time of year. Based on massive international experience and on our mastery of process, we are able to offer customers in practically any industry an ideal and durable packaging solution throughout the entire value chain, bespoke or from our standard range,” Laurent Morel concludes.

The dedicated team from RPC Superfos Region French/South East is keen to meet you at Stand L2 and to share packaging ideas in support of your business. See you soon.

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