High standard certificates go to RPC Superfos Stilling

High standard certificates go to RPC Superfos Stilling

High hygiene quality, sustainable solutions and reduced energy consumption are on the agenda at RPC Superfos. Recently, our facility in Stilling, Denmark, obtained certificates matching these current market requirements.

Are you a food producer? A non-food producer? No matter your field of business, you are likely to expect your packaging provider to be fully up to date, not only in terms of packaging solutions, but also in respect of energy consumption, hygiene standards and general use of resources.

We offer you peace of mind concerning these issues, as nearly all our factories hold certificates which document that we continuously meet internationally recognised standards and best practice in these fields.

BRC Grade AA
This year, RPC Superfos Stilling, Denmark has obtained the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials, Grade AA, documenting that product safety, quality and operational criteria are excellent.

ISO 50001
In addition, the management system at Stilling now qualifies for a ISO 50001:2011 certificate, reflecting an ambition to achieve a competitive level of energy for packaging production. A tangible example is the recent lighting project where all neon tubes at the Stilling facility were replaced with LED light sources. This leads to a yearly reduction of 150 MWh - equivalent to the electricity consumption of 30 average households.

Optional FSC cardboard sleeves
Increasingly our customers are experiencing that end-users pay attention to environmental issues, responsible forest management included. RPC Superfos Stilling offers plastic packaging with cardboard sleeves; such sleeves are also available in FSC cardboard, re-certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.

Lars Smidt, Site Manager at RPC Superfos Stilling says:

“Continuous improvement and development in the fields of energy, quality and sustainability are intrinsic parts of any successful business today. We strive to make better use of our resources and seek ways to reduce our environmental impact. This is an advantage to the environment, to our customers and also beneficial for our own operations.”

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