BRC Global Standard: new grade AA certificates

BRC Global Standard: new grade AA certificates

In the High Hygiene Category of BRC Global Standard, the RPC Superfos facilities at La Genête and Randers recently achieved each their certificate - both with Grade AA.

As a manufacturer or retailer, you probably want your packaging provider to comply with a range of standards, including BRC Global Standard for packaging and packaging materials. Now, RPC Superfos is pleased to let you know that our facilities at La Genête, France, and Randers, Denmark, recently achieved each their fresh certificate in the issue 5: July 2015 High Hygiene Category both with a remarkable Grade AA.

Sébastien Morey, Factory Manager, RPC Superfos La Genête, comments the positive outcome:

“We continuously strive for compliance with internationally recognised standards and are delighted to have reached Grade AA in the BRC Global Standard Certificate. It simply underpins that we are a reliable packaging provider: our production meets top level requirements of hygiene and high product quality.”

Equally, Casper Bendtzen, QSHE Manager, RPC Superfos Randers, expresses his content:

“Having a documented high level of quality in our production is essential to our customers, but surely, high standards are also beneficial for our working environment. They mean smooth operations, less waste and fewer complaints. And these things tend to increase job satisfaction, which is great as well.”

At any time, you can download our certificates from our website about quality, hygiene, environment and energy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Sebastien Morey
Factory Manager
Region French/South East
La Genête
Phone: +33 385 32 2755

Want to know more?

Casper Bendtzen
QSHE Manager
Region Nordic
Phone: +45 8710 1112

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