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  • Proposed Acquisition of Promens Group AS

    RPC Group Plc, announced on the 27th of November 2014 the proposed acquisition of Promens Group AS.

  • Emballage 2014: New LongLife™ pack handpicked to showcase innovation

    Being a perfect alternative to aluminium trays, the new LongLife™ packaging solution for wet pet food has been officially selected for display in the PACK INNOVATON AREA at Emballage 2014.

  • Emballage Packaging Exhibition 2014 in Paris

    Packed with the latest trends, the trade fair Emballage 2014 opens its doors in November. By visiting RPC Superfos’ stand, you can explore award-winning and newly developed packaging solutions for food and non-food to enhance your business.

  • Celestial news: HalfMoon™ gets a ScanStar

    The HalfMoon™ pack from RPC Superfos has been awarded a ScanStar 2014. HalfMoon is a unique promotional pet food container with an attractive shape and ergonomic advantages.

  • A ScanStar 2014 goes to bespoke SuperLock

    A bespoke version of the SuperLock® pot for sliced salami has obtained a ScanStar 2014 in the Nordic packaging competition. The jury highlights the user-friendly twist-off screw-on lid, the elegant look of the pot and its oxygen barrier protection.

  • Now big packs can get an oxygen barrier

    A new option is ready for food producers: RPC Superfos now offers bulk size plastic packaging with a high tech oxygen barrier, ideal for products for the foodservice industry.

  • Free pail boosts sales of dog food

    A complementary plastic pail for storage is an efficient way to promote dry pet food, according to Champion Petfoods. Right now, the Canadian company has success with free pails and measuring cups made and distributed by RPC Superfos throughout Europe.

  • Helioplast becomes RPC Superfos Balkan

    The new member of the RPC Superfos division, Helioplast in Bosnien and Herzegovina, is now changing its name to RPC Superfos Balkan.

  • Keep customer attention on your brand

    A renewed and improved packaging solution is part of the action plan for keeping your customers interested in your brand and product. To do just that, the Norwegian company Mills DA now re-launches two types of margarine in a sleek, updated bespoke pack from RPC Superfos.

  • Bornholms’ plastic pack gets Green Idea Prize

    Reduced food waste, less CO2 emission and increased user-friendliness. On these three grounds Coop, a leading supermarket chain in Denmark, awards its Green Idea Prize 2013 to Bornholms for its new plastic packaging. It is a customised solution especially developed by RPC Superfos.

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I’m a small pack for wet pet food and I have barrier protection to keep it fresh. I’m so easy to re-close and stop pet food odour in the fridge. Get to know me better...

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