Sweet new pack for a traditional dessert

Sweet new pack for a traditional dessert

A typical Croatian dessert, kremsnita, is now on shelf in the attractive EasySnacking™ cup. The Balkan market leader in ice cream, Ledo, is behind the launch and is pleased with the positive feedback it gets, including through social media.

You combine delicious custard with whipped cream and pieces of waffle and turn it into an ice cream. Then you pack it in an interesting and attractive pot with a spoon in the lid and launch it together with your current ice cream range. Finally, you achieve your sales target.

This is more or less the recipe followed by Ledo, the largest Croatian producer of industrial ice cream holding prominent market positions in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Achieving sales target
For the new ice cream dessert, Ledo Kremsnita, the right choice of packaging was the multi-award winning EasySnacking™ pot, 210 ml, from RPC Superfos. Lovro Vučković, Product Manager at Ledo, explains why:

“The EasySnacking™ cup is a great solution. The round edges look absolutely good and the integral spoon is fantastic. Kremsnita is a typical Croatian dessert traditionally served in square pieces so this is why the square shape of the EasySnacking™ container is such a perfect match for our new product.”

Ledo expected very good sales results from putting the new Ledo Kremsnita product on the market and after a successful start the company achieved sales target within the expected time span.

The spoon gets a lot of likes
“We did not run any big promotion for the Ledo Kremsnita; all we did was one TV commercial where we introduced the current ice cream range. Ledo Kremsnita was just one of ten types of ice cream, yet it got a good deal of attention. On various social media, we have found many pictures and positive comments to our dessert - and yes – our customers like the spoon, too,” he says.

Cool cooperation
Ledo has used RPC Superfos as packaging supplier for quite some time, and Lovro Vučković expresses his satisfaction with the cooperation:

“I only have good words to say about the support we get from RPC Superfos. They are helpful, proactive and engaged in our world. They know our products really well and I appreciate it when we get useful suggestions so that we can find the best possible packaging solution.”

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