SuperLock® helps to introduce gourmet popcorn

SuperLock® helps to introduce gourmet popcorn

The SuperLock® pot from RPC Superfos contributes to the successful launch of outstanding gourmet popcorn from the Danish start-up company Nordic Gourmet Factory.

Crunchy. Sweet. Sour. Salty. Rich. An unusual, yet convincingly delicious, play of flavours awaits your taste buds when you bite into a new type of gourmet popcorn created by Danish start-up company Nordic Gourmet Factory. An amazing range consisting of the main flavours - caramel, salt, liquorice, raspberry and Belgian chocolate - is now on the market and sold under the brand name NoCrapGourmet in the SuperLock® solution from RPC Superfos.

Practical and exclusive twist-off screw-on lid
Each pot holds about half a litre of gourmet popcorn and, due to the richness of the product, the twist-off screw-on lid is of the essence. You can savour some popcorn and easily re-close the pot for safe storage and later consumption. The lid makes the solution both practical and exclusive.

Part of the pot is perfectly clear, creating a large see-through area. The modern and elegant artwork design is made with the advanced In-Mould Labelling technique from RPC Superfos and the finishing touch comes from the black lid. All in all, the pot is easy to distinguish and recognise.

Packaging is a major part of the image
Tommy Jensen, the founder and director of Nordic Gourmet Factory, the company behind the gourmet popcorn, explains why the SuperLock® pot from RPC Superfos was singled out as the right solution for the Danish gourmet popcorn:

“The packaging plays a major role in creating an image for your product. We wanted packaging which immediately could convey that our popcorn is out of the ordinary. The solution from RPC Superfos is different from other solutions on the plastic packaging market and we really like the screw lid; one of the reasons why we decided to use the SuperLock® pot. Another point is that the pots stack well so that our distributors have the best options to create an eye-catching in-shop display. The SuperLock® pot helps us to stand out from other products on the gourmet candy market.”

Hard work and free tasting paid off
The fine taste and the crunchy texture did not emerge overnight. According to Tommy Jensen, it took more than 500 discarded trial and error recipes to reach the highly successful quality popcorn which is on the market today.

Now, the start-up company is enjoying tremendous early success. The liquorice gourmet popcorn was honoured with a silver prize at The Liquorice Taste Awards 2017 in Copenhagen. Further, at a recent trade fair, Nordic Gourmet Factory gave visitors the chance to get a free taste of the gourmet popcorn. This paved the way for the first distribution agreements. Shortly after the fair, a Norwegian distributor re-ordered and doubled his first order, as stock was sold out within only two weeks. And these days, more and more distributors – and end-user of course – are showing an interest in the gourmet popcorn.

The NoCrapGourmet popcorn is handmade in the northern part of Denmark and consists of the best natural ingredients – and nothing else. There are no additives whatsoever, so NoCrapGourmet popcorn lives up to its name.

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