Striking golden look for paint from Valspar

Striking golden look for paint from Valspar

The global coatings manufacturer Valspar, based in the U.S., has successfully launched its premium paint for the do-it-yourself market in Europe. The packaging solution is from RPC Superfos featuring a golden metallic look and a new design.

British do-it-yourselfers can now decorate their homes with paint that comes in a golden container – made of plastic. To enter the European DIY market, U.S.-based global coatings manufacturer, Valspar, made a design brief that specified a user-friendly, vibrant and memorable packaging solution. After various competitive analyses and tests, Valspar chose the Paintainer® pail from RPC Superfos. Valspar is delighted with the result, not least because of the plastic container’s gold effect.   

Creates an emotional effect
Paulina Wojcik, Sourcing Specialist Containers, Valspar EMEAI, says:

“On shelf, the colours, the imagery and the golden look of our new packaging are features which are likely to affect the emotions of the consumer. We are extremely proud of the result, which has been made possible through a strong partnership between our marketing department and RPC Superfos.”

The brightly coloured people bring a personality to the packaging and stand out in front of the gold metallic background. As the pail is decorated by means of the advanced In-Mould Labelling technique, it renders a premium-quality image.

The handles of the Paintainer® pails are made of plastic and the pail can be opened and closed without use of any tool, all adding to the end-user experience and on par with Valspar’s priority to deliver products that make the paint job at home hassle-free.

New size
The size sets Valspar’s paint apart from competing products. The paint comes in two sizes: one pail holds 5 litres under lid; the other is a special size of 2.7 litres and 180 mm in diameter which was developed by Valspar and RPC Superfos in tandem.

Why RPC Superfos?
Marnie Roesl-Leese, Global Purchasing Manager for Containers at Valspar, explains why Valspar chose to work with RPC Superfos:

“Our data points at a preference for plastic pails when it comes to end users. The good reputation of RPC Superfos made us consider their Paintainer® solution and it showed great test results. In terms of service, Valspar has experienced an extremely professional team with a very responsive attitude meeting all crucial deadlines. One of the strengths of RPC Superfos is the right technology and another is speed to market. All in all we have had a fantastic launch and our product has been well received.”

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