Spooky and sweet pack for Halloween

Spooky and sweet pack for Halloween

All sorts of ghosts, witches and spiders reveal themselves at Halloween and, in recent years, the Danes have embraced this American tradition. Now a Danish producer of confectionery launches a seasonal bucket perfect for trick-or-treat and for later storage.

Halloween falls on the last day of October every year. Almost every child knows this in Denmark by now, even if the tradition in the old Scandinavian country is fairly new. Today, retailers here get ready well in advance of the event and offer gadgets, costumes and confectionery.

For trick-or-treat and storage
So for Carletti, a Danish producer of candy and confectionery, a seasonal pack for Halloween became a natural choice. Bonna Clausen, Product Manager at Carletti says:

“Retailers appreciate strongly coloured and attractive goods at their points of sale for Halloween. Therefore, we opted for a beautifully decorated orange bucket with a black handle, the 2,3 litres UniPak from RPC Superfos, and we are very happy with it. In each bucket there are four bags with our BIG BEN toffees.”

The lid is transparent so that shoppers can see what is inside the bucket. The pack has a dual function: children can use it empty for their rounds of trick-or-treat and later as a perfect item for storing candy or toys. In addition, grown-ups can give the contents – the hygienic, individually wrapped BIG BEN toffees – to visiting ghosts, witches and their spooky relatives at Halloween.

“The bucket looks cute and clearly displays our company name and one of our most important trademarks. We trust that many customers will re-use the bucket for storage and through this they will bear us and our products in mind for longer,” Bonna Clausen explains.

It is easy to communicate with RPC Superfos
Though the timeline for getting the seasonal pack ready was very tight, the entire project went according to plan. The Carletti sales team presented samples of the bucket to various retailers, and soon realised that they needed more samples along the way – an indication of the pack’s popularity. Bonna Clausen says:

“RPC Superfos quickly supplied us with extra samples, and paid much attention to meeting our needs in general. We are also absolutely satisfied with the product quality. We have experienced a flawless project and we find that it is easy to communicate with RPC Superfos.”

The Carletti company was founded by two brothers in 1918. Today, it is an international group with a yearly turnover of approximately EUR 53 million, producing high quality candy and chocolate – also packed and ready for Halloween.

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