See-through: new pot is a window of opportunity

See-through: new pot is a window of opportunity

The Norwegian dairy Synnøve Finden now offers a healthy new snack meal; a fresh type of curd cheese with fruit sauce underneath. It comes in a CombiRound® pot from RPC Superfos. A handy spoon is in the lid and a circular window shows the visually exciting convergence of sauce and curd.

Rich in protein, a delicious new cheese curd from Synnøve Finden, Norway, is a next-generation product developed to meet the growing demand for an easy and healthy snack meal. The Norwegian dairy company has opted for the CombiRound® packaging solution from RPC Superfos for maximum consumer appeal. Four different fruit sauce varieties are in the range: raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and forest berry.

Take a look at the content
Through a semi-transparent circular area – the size of a large coin – the consumer can see the content of the pot. The visible area where two very different elements converge - the white cheese curd seen above the red or blue fruit sauce - has particular aesthetic appeal.

“The round window communicates authenticity and honesty. Thanks to this feature we are even able to create a unique visual element in each pot. We are absolutely pleased with the result and, though the product is brand new, we already have important contracts with the most well-known retailers in Norway,” says Category Manager Preben Owren, Synnøve Finden.

The spoon is in the lid
To satisfy the need for convenience, the lid of the CombiRound® packaging solution comes with a handy spoon, developed and produced by RPC Kambo, a member of the RPC M&H division. The spoon lies under a tear-off label, is easy to assemble and offers an enjoyable eating experience. The spoon has been specially developed for Synnøve Finden and its mould originates from RPC Ace.

In terms of packaging material, CombiRound® combines the best properties of cardboard with those of plastic. The inner part consists of a thermoformed plastic sheet, while the outer part is made of cardboard, providing for light-barrier protection and ensuring a lightweight pack.

The challenge: same dimensions, new look
Originally, the new packaging solution was sparked by Synnøve Finden’s acquisition of a small Norwegian diary in Lillehammer, already producing cheese curd and having appropriate filling equipment. As such, the challenge was to keep the original Lillehammer packaging dimensions yet, at the same time, to create a different solution which makes the product stand out on shelf.

Efficient cross-border cooperation
RPC Superfos teams from Norway, Sweden, Denmark have all been involved and, according to Preben Owren, both the team collaboration and the CombiRound® pot with the round window perfectly hit the spot:

“We appreciate the advice, suggestions and support that we have received from RPC Superfos. The cross-border cooperation was smooth, pleasant and efficient. We have received all necessary information and supplies in due course and importantly, we were perfectly able to stick to the time line of the project.”

Synnøve Finden proudly holds market share of about 10% in yogurt products, and therefore always looks for an opportunity to challenge much bigger players on the market. So, the launch of the new cheese curd range in an eye-catching packaging solution from RPC Superfos is likely to create a window of opportunity to further increase sales.

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