New Lurpak series retains signature silver shine

New Lurpak series retains signature silver shine

A new series of Lurpak spreadables - the UK’s favourite butter and spreadable brand - are on the market in a CombiPac tub from RPC Superfos. The line extension offers tasty new infusions, but in terms of looks, the pack displays the well-known silver shine from the parent brand.

Packaging plays a major role in distinguishing a brand on shelf and at home. Obviously, colour is an inherent part of the family image which is sustained through the packaging. With this in mind, the dairy company Arla Foods UK, did not hesitate to retain the silver base in the packaging for its new Lurpak Spreadable Infusions.

Daniel Morales-Gonzalez, Senior Global Brand Manager, Lurpak, Arla Foods, says:

“Globally, the silver colour is recognised as a characteristic for Lurpak butter, so there was no doubt in our minds: the new pack for the new spreadable butter variants must match our existing packaging for Lurpak butter and spreadable butter.”

New tastes with allusion to the well-known
Lurpak Spreadable Infusions are a blend of Lurpak butter and rapeseed oil with added herbs and spices, lightly whipped for ease of spreading. The line extension offers three tasteful flavour combinations: chilli & lime, smoked chipotle and sea salt & pink peppercorn.

“We offer our consumers a new taste experience, all while making the connection to our iconic Lurpak brand through the silver shine. The CombiPac® packaging solution from RPC Superfos gives us a positive stand out on shelf. We have achieved our goal of creating a beautiful look that captures the emotions we wanted to evoke. Further, the pack underpins our family image and is easy to open and re-close,” Daniel Morales-Gonzalez states.   

The best of both worlds
The CombiPac® tub is ideal for butter, yellow fats and dairy products. It offers the best of both worlds in one solution through a unique combination of plastic and cardboard: the outer part is made of cardboard, providing light barrier protection and ensuring a lightweight pack. The inner part consists of a thermoformed plastic sheet, protecting the edible content and making the pack grease resistant.

To meet the exact needs of Arla Foods, the regular packaging was slightly adapted, meaning that both the lid and the tub are thermoformed and the size slightly smaller to make it ideal for a picnic.

Lurpak Spreadable Infusions was launched in the UK in spring 2016 supported by TV-commercials as well as print, digital, PR and social media activities, encouraging consumers to move beyond the traditional.

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