Customised dessert pot with a special touch

Customised dessert pot with a special touch

An instant and delightful dessert from Finnish Valio Ltd. is ready at hand in a new customised pot developed by RPC Superfos. With a special release feature, the packaging solution makes it easy to serve decorative pudding and fruit sauce on a plate.

Panna cotta with fruit sauce is a popular dessert worldwide – including in Finland, where Valio Ltd. is a leading dairy producer. So when Valio decided that it was time to launch a new product the choice fell on the Italian inspired pudding, launched as a lactose free dessert under the brand Valio Eila®.

Replying to the craving for easy indulgence
From the very beginning, Valio brought RPC Superfos on board as the packaging provider. Juhana Pilkama, Packaging Development Manager explains:

“Our design brief for the package specified that the pot should be of premium quality, look great and offer outstanding user convenience. According to our market analysis consumers crave for products that offer easy indulgence with a touch of luxury and we turned to RPC Superfos for a new customised packaging solution, as we have excellent past experience with them.”

Click-and-push makes a beautiful dessert
The panna cotta comes with either raspberry or mango sauce and is a high quality dessert with a great taste. The special feature of the bespoke pack is the click-and-push spot at the bottom.
All it takes to get a decorative instant dessert on your plate is to take off the sealed foil, turn the pot upside down and then softly squeeze the bottom a few times. This will make the pot break in three places, and as the air gets in, the panna cotta and the fruit sauce will gently come out. Within seconds, you have a beautiful and delicious dessert ready to serve at any table.

“With the new package for panna cotta our customers get maximum convenience as well as an aesthetic eating experience. We find that the pot from RPC Superfos is an innovative solution that clearly enhances the consumer’s experience,” says Juhana Pilkama.

The result is a convincing success
The customised pot holds a volume of 150 ml and is foil sealed. The project encompassed quite a few developing stages until the perfect release mechanism was finally in place. Juhana Pilkama is thrilled with the finished product on several counts:

“The Valio team has really enjoyed working with RPC Superfos and I would like to thank the RPC Superfos team for their dedication and for flawlessly running every part of the project with us. It is also very positive that our first sales figures have been three times higher than expected. Finally, we are honoured and very pleased with the fact that our dessert pot for Valio Eila® has now received a Scanstar Award 2015. ”

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