Convenience is in the driving seat with SuperLock®

Convenience is in the driving seat with SuperLock®

Effortlessly, drivers in Slovenia and Croatia can now enjoy crunchy nuts and exquisite dried fruit while on the road. Why? Because a healthy snack from the company Bimed is available in a SuperLock® pot with oxygen barrier protection from RPC Superfos ‒ a perfect fit for cupholders.

When you drive, your full attention needs to be on the road but, from time to time, your brain and body need to recharge. Here, a very easy solution is to have a practical pot in the cupholder of the car, filled with a selection of crunchy nuts and exquisite dried fruit. It allows you to grab a few, as you please, and then store the rest safely for later, thanks to a practical screw lid. 

Looking for a packaging upgrade
These were the kind of thoughts and ideas running through the mind of Jure Nemec, Director at Bimed, and his sales team, when they were thinking of upgrading the company’s traditional plastic bag solution for dried fruit and nuts. The idea was to sell a selected mix, under the new trademark PITSTOP, in a cup. In the SuperLock® pot, the Bimed company found the perfect packaging solution. Jure Nemec says:

“The shape of the SuperLock® pot is perfect for cupholders in cars. In addition, it expands the shelf life of our nuts and dried fruit, as it comes with oxygen barrier protection on all surfaces. The packaging solution safeguards their quality; our nuts stay crunchy and delicious; our fruits retain their fine texture and taste – what’s not to like?”

Helps to drive sales
The SuperLock® pot for Bimed is decorated with photos of the delicious content and uses a vitalising orange colour as visual attraction. The PITSTOP products are mainly sold through petrol stations in Slovenia, but also at supermarkets in Croatia and, in the future, through petrol stations there, too. According to Jure Nemec, the launch has been successful:  
“We are pleased to see our sales increasing, as people are becoming aware of the added value represented by the SuperLock® pot. It is so easy to use, especially in the car ‒ the lid is great. We offer our customers a lot of convenience as we combine a healthy snack with an excellent packaging solution.”

For more than 30 years, Bimed has focused on nuts and dried fruits which contain no sugar and only a minimum of preservatives, if any. The PITSTOP series includes “Cashew nuts & cranberries” and “Nut & fruit”. Asked about cooperation with RPC Superfos, Jure Nemec explains:

“From our first contact to first delivery, RPC Superfos has listened to our needs. We got what we ordered on time and in full, and are pleased with the level of service we have received, including some useful advice regarding the filling process.”

Jure Nemed is today the second generation to run the family owned business Bimed, based in Slovenia and close to the Italian border. Their products are available in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

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