Connecting with customers through bespoke pots

Connecting with customers through bespoke pots

A new type of bespoke packaging from RPC Superfos makes it easier for the Czech food company Delimax to hook up with its customers. The attractive solution for salads and seafood comes with a QR-code on the side.

Delightful delicatessen and seafood salads from the Czech food company Delimax are now on shelf in a new type of bespoke injection moulded plastic packaging from RPC Superfos. The solution is based on information gained from a market survey for these premium products, sold under the trademark Varmuza.

The lid is all important
A key feature is a strong, user-friendly snap-on lid with an indent that adds both convenience and distinctive character to the pack. In addition, a QR-code on the side of the pot makes it easier for customers to learn more about the company Delimax, the number one food producer in the Czech Republic.

Actually, Varmuza is not only a well-known brand in the country, it is also the name of the founder of the Delimax company. For those who want to know more, the QR-code is a nice short cut to information about the company, including its history and products.

Good for customer relations
Petr Grabec, M.Sc. from Delimax, says:

“We know that our customers appreciate everyday convenience and this is exactly what our new pack offers them. Moreover, we strive to strengthen our relations with our customers through transparent communication and, from my point of view, we are successful in both fields through our new pack from RPC Superfos.”

For all varieties the pack creates a good-looking family image through In-Mould Labelling. The packaging design follows the outline from Delimax who opted for RPC Superfos following long-term cooperation which has created many positive impressions over the years.

The Varmuza salads and delicatessen spreads come in two sizes - 210 ml and 480 ml - and are available in retail shops and supermarkets all over the Czech Republic.     

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