A spoon in the lid is a big advantage

A spoon in the lid is a big advantage

The Viciunai Group based in Lithuania has recently launched a new series of surimi sticks and fish salads in the EasySnacking pack from RPC Superfos. The packaging solution with a spoon in the lid is completely new on the market.

Surimi sticks with shrimps in white sauce, Atlantic herring fillets in a mushroom sauce and ten other delicious varieties of surimi and herring are now on shelf in Lithuania in the EasySnacking™ packaging solution from RPC Superfos. The special feature of the pack is a spoon in the lid making the new VICI salads ideal for eating on-the-go. In fact, Sandra, Oscar, Aida, Diana and all the other sub-brands of the VICI salad range are all perfect companions for a picnic, a trip or at work.

A new pack for a new range
The convenience and the great look of the pack played an important role when Viciunai Group opted for the EasySnacking™ packaging solution. Erda Jurgaityte, Packaging Category Purchasing Manager at Viciunai Group, says:

“We wanted a new type of pack for our new range of salads, and EasySnacking™ appealed to us, including the 210 ml size. The solution is completely new on our market and one of the biggest advantages of the package is the integral spoon which is smooth and pleasant to touch.”

Beautiful and award-winning
Just like the EasySnacking™ pot itself, the spoon is injection moulded. Beautifully designed and in one single piece, it is a pleasure to use and very easy to grasp by removing the self-adhesive label on top of the plastic lid. Apart from offering outstanding convenience and functionality, the EasySnacking™ pot is re-closable, stable and optimised for stacking - filled or empty. It is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. The packaging won a ScanStar award and was shortlisted for the UK Packaging Award in two categories.

Lithuania and beyond
The tasty range from Viciunai Group is available in Lithuania at supermarkets, petrol stations and other local stores. Retailers and customers are favourably impressed with the VICI salads and the packaging and sales are still developing. The VICI salad range is also available in Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic. Moreover, the first deliveries to Bulgaria are on the drawing board

In the near future, Viciunai Group plans to launch a bigger size, letting the customers choose between a smaller and a larger pack (150g or 250g). The Viciunai Group is one of the largest food producers in Europe specialising in surimi, fish and flour products. Viciunai has an annual production of around 160,000 tonnes which is sold in 60 countries worldwide.

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